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Paid Search Bidding Algorithm

We look at a number of variables to determine if and by how much to adjust bid prices. Unique to Adaera, we factor in the correlation between Paid Search and other marketing channels into our algorithm. By uniquely tracking each keyword + match type and using a custom database to provide additional information about the program / service being targeted, as well as the conversions achieved, we can achieve great success in meeting your goals and increasing your overall conversions.

Based upon a keyword’s score from the algorithm, its bid will be modified by no more than +- 90%. Before making bid increases, we take a look at the current bid and the “Top of Page” bid estimate from the search engines (if available) along with the keyword’s recent Average Position, to determine if the keyword should be raised or raised by as much indicated - some keywords could support a higher bid, but already have optimal impression share and ranking, that additional bid increases are of no benefit.

What do you get?

  • The most qualified traffic to maximize overall conversions
  • Ability to grow your Paid Search campaigns with minimal risk, but maximum opportunity.

  • Correlation Formula

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