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Paid Search Service to Increase Conversions and Revenue per Conversion

Paid Search, SEM, PPC, whichever you wish to call it, is different for organizations that have a multi-step conversion process where the most important conversion, the Sale, can happen days, weeks or months after the initial Lead.

Leads that don't convert are a Cost Center, not a Revenue Generator. We don't just manage to Leads; we manage to your Sales, Revenue per Sale, ROAS and ROI Goals. Our goal is to maximize your Sales and Revenue across Marketing Channels, knowing that Paid Search is one of the biggest drivers for increasing your exposure to qualified users.

Our service is comprehensive, sophisticated and geared towards Educational, Financial, Healthcare and Government Organizations. It includes:

  • Multi-Channel Data Collection - We integrate your conversion data, across marketing channels.

  • Multi-Step Conversion Tracking - Using your internal conversion data, we tie the Sale back to the original Lead.

  • Custom Reports - We provide an analysis of the data as well as Tableau and Excel dashboards and reports built to your specifications.

  • Powerful Bidding Algorithm - We use your overall Cost per Sale, Cost per Lead and Return on Advertised Spend goals to score keywords on over 24 factors.

  • Adaera’s expertise in Search Engine Marketing is undeniable. With extensive knowledge and experience within the Education sector, this makes Adaera a true partner in terms of growth strategies and lead generation. Over the course of a few years, Adaera was able to successfully quadruple our school’s spending ability, all while maintaining consistent and profitable KPI’s. The team has both the statistical and analytic knowledge to provide the data-driven tools needed to help drive strategic marketing decisions.

    S. Miller, Director of Marketing, Penn Foster

    Our Approach

    We approach Paid Search as a combination of detailed keyword management and overall portfolio optimization. The portfolio approach allows us to reallocate funds from over performing keywords to underperforming keywords to maximize overall results while still maintaining a significant reach. The detailed keyword management approach lets us determine each keyword's impact on the Ad Group, Program, Related Program and Portfolio. With all information in a custom database, we are able to slice and segment the results by a number of factors, that in turn, help us to determine the optimum mix for the portfolio.

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