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Search Engine Optimization Service for Relevance not Trickery

We take the user first approach with our search engine optimization service. Every page should be written for the user first: designed to convey relevance, build trust and encourage action. Only after the design is finalized should it be tweaked so that the search engine's algorithm can best determine the page's relevance to a user's query. Whether you're building a new site or updating an existing one, we'll increase your exposure and ranking in the natural search engine results while keeping the focus on the user.

We follow ethical search engine optimization procedures. You won't see us recommend cloaking, spamming or other "black hat" search engine optimization procedures. You will, however, receive warnings on actions that could hurt your rankings and advice on which actions you should avoid.

We work closely with you and your staff to conduct a comprehensive analytics-based and user-focused SEO campaign that consists of a suite of specific actions:

  • Traffic and Ranking Analysis - We'll review which keywords are currently bringing in traffic and conversions and use this data to conduct a Risk / Reward Analysis.

  • Site Structure Review - We'll identify beneficial changes to your site structure or page layouts and add structured data that can assist in ranking well and that support your users.

  • Copywriting - We'll edit your pages: body copy, images and other on-page elements, strategically weaving in selected keywords to ensure high rankings and qualified traffic.

  • Keyword Research and Selection - We encourage the copywriters to write for the user. Only after do we go back and conduct research to see if some phrases should be altered because of popularity, competitiveness or authority.

  • Training and Consulting - We train you on the reasons for the proposed changes and the benefits of making them and we'll review opportunities for developing more content and for obtaining more links.

  • Our Approach

    Our service is what's called technical or on-page SEO. We're not content generators or social posters; however, we will recommend opportunities for adding useful content and show you how to optimize your Social profiles and posts. We'll also present opportunities for integrating user generated content and provide details on your competitors. The result will be more qualified traffic and more conversions.

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